Arklow Music Festival

The entire school took part in the Arklow Music Festival which ran from Saturday 4th of March to Sunday 12th of March.    The school received a high number of medals, certificates and highly commended places.   We congratulate all who participated.   Many thanks to Kate the drama and dance teacher for all her help.

6th Class winners

  • Duologues:  
    1st – Kirsten Connolly & Ciara O’Brien
    2nd –  Éabha Siún Fleming & Anna Delahunt
    3rd- Hope Downey  & Lauren Ryan
  • English Poems:
    2nd – Kirsten Connnolly,
    Very Highly Commended – Éabha Siún Fleming
    Highly Commended – Nicole O’Donovan
  • Irish Poems: 
    1st – Nicole O’Donovan & Nicole was awarded the Corn Síoraí Míheal Ó hAilpín

5th Class winners

  • English Poems:
    1st – Tom Phelan
    2nd – Steven Gormley
  • Irish Poems:
    2nd – Tom Phelan
    Highly Commended – Conn Keaney

4th Class winners (Mrs. O’Doherty’s Room)

  • English Poems:
    1st -Alex Mills (Alex Mills was awarded the Capri Perpetual Cup)
    2nd – Ellie Mai Brennan
    Highly Commended – Eric Peterson
  • Irish Poems:
    2nd – Eric Peterson
    Very Highly Commended – Nathan Reynolds
    Highly Commended – Alex Mills & Sophie Reynolds

4th Class winners (Mrs. Burke’s Room)

  • English Poems:
    1st – Abi Byrne
    2nd Theo Pennell
    3rd – Amy Noble
    Very Highly Commended – Lily Beacom
    Highly Commended – Jade Connolly & Jonathan Fleming
  • Irish Poems:
    1st – Theo Pennell
    2nd -Lily Beacom
    2nd- Lilla Meehan
    3rd – Keira Delahunt

3rd Class winners

  • English Poems:
    1st- Anna Morrissey
    1st – Senan O’Donovan
    2nd – Grace Donohoe
    3rd  – Matas Krunkaitis
    Very Highly Commended – Ríonach Fleming
    Highly Commended – Maria Moorehouse & Sloane Rangitaawa
  • Irish Poems:
    1st – Grace Donohoe (Grace Donohoe won overall cup too (Corn Ghlór nGael An tInbhear Mór))
    2nd – Senan O’Donovan
    Very Highly Commended – Ríonach Fleming

2nd Class winners

  • English Poems:
    1st – Hugh Keaney
    2nd – Ronan Phelan
    Very Highly Commended – Daniel Delahunt & Samuel Downey
    Highly Commended – Des Brennan, & Lauren Beacom
  • Irish Poems:
    Highly Commended – Rónan Phelan, Rónan O’Sé, Joshua McCall, Lauren Beacom

1st Class winners

  • Violin:
    1st – Cole Perri,
  • English Poems:
    Very Highly Commended – Joseph Morrissey
    Highly Commended – Cole Perri, Jonathan O’Donovan & Frank McNamara
  • Irish Poems:
    Highly Commended – Rose Donohoe

Senior Infants winner (Ms. Doyle’s Room)

  • Irish Poems:
    Highly Commended – Thomas Howe
  • English Poems:
    2nd – Thomas Howe

Senior Infants winners (Ms. Walsh’s Room)

  • English Poems:
    3rd – April Donohoe
    3rd – Benny Williams
    4th Kimmy McCall
    4th – Tamati Rangitaawa
  • Irish Poems:
    1st –Benny Williams
    4th  – April Donohoe
  • All Junior Infants were stars!