Parents Association AGM

Every parent in the school is a member of the parents association so we look forward to seeing you all at the 1st meeting of the year, our AGM on Monday 25th Sept at 8pm in the school. We would hope to see as many parents as possible at the meeting.

Meetings are held approximately every 6wks and notification will be sent via web text. Should you have any queries regarding the Parents Association please contact us.

New Committee

The committee is made up of the chairperson, secretary, treasurer, class reps and parent
The Chairperson as the name suggests chairs all meetings. Along with the secretary he / she lays out the agenda prior to each meeting. The chair also liaises with the school principal and the Board of Management when necessary.

The Secretary keeps track of all correspondence to and from the PTA. Also in cooperation
with the chairperson ensures that the agenda is set out before each meeting and is
distributed to all committee members. He / she also needs to have access to Facebook to
enable maintenance of the parents group page.

The Treasurer records all monies raised and spent by the PTA during the school year.
Class Reps help to communicate the PA activities with all the parents in their child’s class

As per our constitution, a new committee will be elected at the AGM. If you are interested in getting involved then you must email your nomination to the current chairperson, Mark O’Neill at before Monday, 18th September. All nominations must then be seconded at the AGM prior to vote.