mindfulness Brittas Bay National School

Mindful Movement & Positive Living Programme

Maura Broaders, a primary school teacher and qualified Mindfulness facilitator will run a ‘Mindful Movement and Positive Living’ programme for 6 weeks starting Tuesday May 15th at Brittas Bay National School with students from Junior Infants to Sixth Class.

Mindfulness is rolled out in many schools across the country.  The Department of Education runs courses for class teachers to practice Mindfulness in class on a daily basis and encourages its use as part of the SPHE (Social, Personal, Health and Education) Curriculum.

This programme is suitable for all young people to promote physical and mental health, confidence, happiness and a positive outlook:

  • Learn Mindful Movement poses to develop skills in stretching, balance, and breathing. Learn skills in stress management and help overcome negative thinking.
  • Promote an attitude of positive living.
  • Take control of thinking to develop confidence and self esteem, to assist in the process of learning and educational performance.
  • Encourage use of child’s imagination to discover their own interests, ability and uniqueness.
  • Encourage excellence and best effort in all activities.
  • Develop concentration and relaxation skills to facilitate greater awareness, stillness and mindful living.
  • Reinforce habits in good nutrition.
  • Encourage respect, acceptance and tolerance of self and others.