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Parents’ Association Newsletter

Welcome from the Parent’s Association

On behalf of the Parents Association we would like to welcome you all back for a new school year.  We hope you enjoyed the sunny summer and are bracing routine again with gusto!  We would especially like to welcome our new Junior Infants, their families and any new families to the school. We look forward to getting to know you during the year.

Parents Association Meeting

Fete school Brittas BayThe first PA meeting of this school year, our AGM will take place on Wednesday 26th September at 8pm in the school. All parents are invited to attend where they will meet other parents and chat over a cup of coffee. We’ll discuss the year ahead and fundraising events for the coming year. We had a fun and successful year in 2017/18 with many exciting fundraising events held throughout the year we’re hoping this year will be even greater! The school encourage parents to participate, to support the school and enhance the experience of the children. We’d love to have as many of you there as possible.

New Committee

As per our constitution, a new committee will be elected at the AGM. The PA committee is made up of the chairperson, secretary, treasurer, class reps and parent members. If you are interested in getting involved (a great way of getting to know parents while helping to fundraise for the school) we would ask you to email your nomination to the current chairperson, Heidi O’Grady via the PA email address: before Monday 24th September. We would love to see you getting involved. All nominations must then be seconded at the AGM prior to vote.

  • The Chairperson as the name suggests chairs all meetings. Along with the secretary he/she lays out the agenda prior to each meeting. The chair also liaises with the school principal and the Board of Management when necessary.
  • The Secretary keeps track of all correspondence to and from the PTA. Also in cooperation with the chairperson ensures that the agenda is set out before each meeting and is distributed to all committee members. He/she also needs to have access to Facebook to enable maintenance of the parents group page.
  • The Treasurer records all monies raised and spent by the PTA during the school year.
  • Class Reps help to communicate the PA activities with all the parents in their child’s class.

More about the Parents Association can be found at

School Directory

At the beginning of every school year, the Parents Association compiles & distributes a directory with the names of each student, their parents’ names, addresses & contact numbers. It is not compulsory to be included in the directory however, this directory is a valuable resource for all parents in the school – for play dates, birthday parties and car pools etc.

If you are in the directory already and your details have changed or if you are a new parent and would like to be included, please send your details to the PA email address: before Friday 21st September.

Web Text

It’s that time of year again to check on numbers for our web texting service.  It is a great way for the school and Parents Association to make contact with all parents regarding events and fixtures and school closures etc.

If your mobile number has changed or you are new to the school, please let us know by emailing:  before Friday 21st September so you can be included in this service. Please remember not to text back to the web text as it is not possible to access your texts.

Car Parking

Please slow down when entering the church car park as children are exiting cars from all directions.  There is a one-way system in operation, cars should enter the carpark at the entrance nearest the shop and exit below nearest the school. There is a clearway on the left hand side of the car park for the free flow of traffic – for parents dropping in a hurry or in case of emergency. Also when parking, please park up as close as possible to the car in front, this leaves more room for cars to get into the car park. All parents should park in the carpark & not outside the school or church gates as this area is reserved for staff.

To ensure the safety of your child, children should enter & leave the school via the steps to the carpark & not the lower gate.

appleHealthy eating

As we are all aware the importance of good nutrition is paramount to our children’s development. Following a vote by parents, the school asks that children do not bring junk food (chocolate, crisps, sweets, fizzy drinks or carton drinks) to school. Healthy eating is encouraged and promoted in the school for the well being of the children.


Please feel free to join our Facebook group ‘Brittas Bay NS Parents Community’ for all the latest updates. This is a private group that only parents/teachers can join. It’s purely an information sharing group and not for open discussions.

WhatsApp Groups

What’s App groups will be set up after the AGM when class reps are elected. Inclusion in these groups is optional. As with facebook, these groups are an excellent source of information sharing for parents regarding school events however, they are solely for information sharing and not for open discussion.  Please see School Information Booklet and contact the school/make an appointment your child’s class with teacher if you need anything clarified.  All information sharing must follow GDPR guidelines in all cases.

We look forward to a fun-filled, busy year ahead and hope to see you on 26th!

PA Committee

PA Secretary: Sarah-Jane Montgomery

PA Chairperson: Heidi O’Grady

PA Chairperson: Mark O’Niell

PA Treasurer: Sarah Herlihy

Class reps:

Caitríona O’Dwyer, Lynn Armstrong, Katja McCoy, Martina Donohue, Emily Morrissey, Margarete Brennan, Emer Doherty and Úna Murray.