PA Meeting Minutes Brittas Bay

Minutes of Meeting – Parents’ Association Meeting

  • Open and welcome

  • Fundraising Committee Activities

Christmas Raffle

Prizes organised by Christine Doyle to the value of €650. The prizes will be paid for with funds raised from this event. The prizes are:

  1. €300 Smyth’s Toys Voucher
  2. €200 Dundrum Shopping Voucher
  3. €150 Gaiety Panto Voucher

The raffle tickets are to be printed with 15 lines on each card. Cost is €2 per line or a full card for €20.
The cost of printing of the cards will be paid for with funds raised from this event.

Legal permits for selling of tickets.

Tickets can be sold to parents of the school without a permit. Permits for the selling of tickets to the public were organised through the Gardaí by Mark O’Neill.

Gardaí give permission based on being date specific. Permit obtained for a full week from Monday 29/10/18- Saturday 03/11/18. Permit also in place for 10th -11th November, there will also be one other weekend that can be used before the 10th December. The permit covers the areas outside Supervalu and Wicklow Main Street as far as the library. There is also the possibility for a bucket collection licence.

Collections will be organised in time spans of 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm. Parents from 5th and 6th classes to be targeted; one (1) parent with two (2) 5th or 6th class children at a time if possible. Younger classes are too young to participate. If there is enough up-take with 60 parents in these two cohorts there should be no need to ask parents with younger children.

A stall for Brittas Bay Parent’s Association has been obtained for the Christmas Market at the Abbey Grounds by Mandie Delahunt. Mandie has a gazebo and the raffle tickets can be sold there along with yule logs and baking. We will call on parents to bake for this. All money raised will go directly to the school.

Halloween Fancy Dress in aid of P.A funding for the school is cancelled as it clashes with the final Sausage Friday event.

Fundraising Action Group

In the future a fundraising action group will be aimed at finding corporate donations. The aim of this is to obtain larger donations for the school. Corporate businesses can make larger donations based on their ability to obtain a tax break on same. The Fundraising Action Group will target business that are predominantly Irish and as the school is deemed as a charity businesses will be targeted through their social responsibility. The Parents’ Association will be filled in on what is going on at P.A meetings.

Go Fund Me Facebook Page

There is an idea to set up a go-fund-me page aimed at past pupils of the school. This can be done as a covenant and is tax free for anyone who feels like donating.

Closing of meeting

Next Meeting: Tuesday 20/11/18 at 8pm