And that’s a wrap!

Well done to all the boys and girls for getting through this year with smiles on your faces. You should be very proud of everything you have achieved. As parents and teachers, we are proud of you. You have shown resilience, patience, and kindness by acting in a responsible and respectful way towards each other, teachers and and your families through what has been a topsy-turvy year.

As Michael D Higgins put it in his letter to all primary school children that was issued to schools, “we, the adults who have benefitted so much from your selfless actions, will always remember, be grateful for and very proud of a generation of children who are so generous and so willing to change their behaviour for the benefit of others.”

Particular mention goes to those in 6th class, who are moving on to pastures new in the autumn. You will be missed, and you’re always welcome at Brittas Bay National School – we look forward to you coming back to join us on future sports days for the teacher / student basketball match! Wishing you all the very best in your new schools.

Thanks goes to the teachers, staff, PA and Board and all those who helped, contributed and volunteered throughout the year. Your work was so appreciated. So thank you, and well done to all.

Have a happy summer break!