Our Mural

We were lucky to have a beautiful mural painted over the mid-term break by artist James Kirwan.

The children submitted their ideas for the mural (which is located at the back of the school behind the steps, next to the church carpark) to the artist. He was very impressed and inspired by their ideas and their artwork and it was from this he drew his inspiration for the final piece.

The children linked it in with their local environment and with our local history. It also demonstrates the creativity of the children and is captured perfectly by James.

The colourful mural is eye catching and incorporates the name of the school represented by a beautiful star for “Réalt na Mara”. Sea birds, animals and fish all brighten this once dull corner. The local history of the area is represented by the pirate Jack White with his treasure chest and the nearby ruins of Dunganstown Castle.

It also shows the local Potter’s River and where it meets the sea at Brittas Bay beach.

Beautiful sunflowers are depicted in the mural which are grown by the children in our school garden every year.

Many thanks to everyone who helped us with the project.