Mobile Library:

The mobile library visits Brittas Bay every fortnight for the local community. The children of 5th and 6th class avail of this facility on a Friday every second week.


A qualified Arts Teacher may come to the school to a module.

Children will pay for this at the beginning of each module. At Christmas performance may vary from year to year and may consist of carol services / plays / prayer services. This will be decided at the beginning of the school year taking resources, time constraints , personnel and other commitments into consideration.

The children participate in the Arklow Musical Festival each year with recitations. Parents must bring the children to the venues themselves. The school will inform you of the date and time as soon as the schedule is printed. You may buy the catalogue yourself as it is available in many shops in Arklow.

School garden:

We are very proud of our school garden. Help is needed each year in preparing for planting, weeding and maintenance. Wendy Nairn, a keen gardener directs and plans the gardening schedule and parents are asked to help. Please give your name to Ann in the office if you can help in any way. An open day is held every June when all the hard work is displayed and vegetables, plants and herbs can be purchased.


The school has a football pitch and a basketball court. There is no indoor sports facility. Throughout the year the pupils receive coaching in hurling / soccer / GAA and rugby. Outside coaches attend the school . The range of sports provided for each class may vary. During the winter it is not possible to use the football pitch as it becomes water-logged.

A sports day is organised each June. Children are divided into groups and there are 8 / 9 activities organised for the day. Sports coaches and past pupils help to make the day a memorable one.

The teacher will advise the children at the beginning of the year on which day they will have P.E. Children should wear suitable footwear and clothing for sports.

Green Schools Project:

In 2000, Scoil Mhuire Realt na Mara joined the Green Schools Project. The project is coordinated by the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe (FEEE). Schools which successfully implement a Green Schools programme are awarded a prestigious European Environmental Certificate and may fly the Green Schools Flag.

In June 2015, we were awarded our 5th Green Flag. These 5 flags were awarded to our school for our achievement in:

  1. Litter and waste
  2. Energy
  3. Water
  4. Transport
  5. Biodiversity

This year and next we will be working towards our 6th Green Flag, based on the theme of Global Citizenship.

It is important that teachers, parents and pupils are all involved in developing environmental awareness in our schools, homes and in the wider community. Wicklow County Council has provided us with a composter to recycle our organic waste (ie fruit and veg etc). When giving your child a packed lunch, please follow these guidelines to help reduce our waste:

  • Fruit and vegetables are totally recyclable and require no packaging.
  • Lunchboxes should be used. They are airtight and food does not need to be wrapped in them.
  • Do not use aluminium foil or cling film – they are not recyclable.
  • Avoid over-packaged snacks and individually wrapped items.
  • Many plastic containers with a recycling symbol cannot be recycled in Ireland. Plastic bottles can.
  • Give your child a drink in a plastic bottle as it can be re-used many times.
  • Please encourage your child to use litter bins and recycling facilities – for it to be a success, the project must be continuous.

Remember: Think globally, act locally, change personally!