A school was established on the present site in 1857. It was moved to Brittas Bridge in 1876 where the old school still stands.

In 1967 the two-teacher school was moved once again back to the original Ballinacarrig site where the present school is. The ‘new school’ consisted on one prefab and had 64 students on the roll.

In 1989 a second prefab was installed on the site to accommodate growing numbers and a third teacher, Brenda Byrne, joined Aggie O’Brien and Eileen Byrne.

With further growth in numbers a new school was opened in 1998. Pupils and staff spent a year in buildings on the grounds of Magheramore while building work was in progress.

In 2006 a prefab was added and a resource room, staff toilet and staffroom were built by the parents and are a huge asset to the school.

In 2013 a classroom was built to replace the prefab.

It is the hope of all interested in the development of the school that we will have a P.E hall, a Principal’s / school office, storage space and an all weather pitch some day.

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